Sunday, June 7, 2009


- car ride with french people going to a huge Cambodian festival
- definitely Brooke 190 km/hr on the autobahn
- huh, the huge and famous cathedral is right outside the houptbahnhof
- massive building
- really amazing
- waiting for Dave my couchsurfing host
- Friendly man comes up
- Jehovah's Witness...
- get out my Bible and have a long conversation
- he really seems to want to know God and understand Jesus but has been led astray
- pray for him
- walk to different station and meet Dave
- works as nurse
- lives and works with the same people... and right next to the hospital
- really friendly!
- goes out of his way to make me feel at home
- his room has awesome turtles!
- hanging out in the apartment making cocktails with friends, fun
- Dave and Atnje give me a full tour of the city!
- lots of cool new buildings and (a few) maybe not so cool new ones
- all new harbor front development on the Rhein
- I think I really like this city
- Hoorah for not having to use an Internet cafe!!
- Figured out how I'm going to end these foreign travels
- I'll end it in Mexico!
- bet you didn't guess that one comin did ya ;)
- Back into town to watch the sun set over the Rhein behind the Cathedral
- Amazing!!
- mmm Döner Kebab for dinner
- plan for new day = mandolin playing = money?
- lots of great spots and lots of people... but,
- also loooots of other musicians
- A cathedral is a fantastic place to work on Bible lessons for Poland
- how bout playing down on the river walk
- just put my things behind me (notebook and waterbottle)
- thirsty
- Hey!
- seriously, who steals a water bottle from a street musician!?!
- chat with a couple other street performers
- no one else is doing very well today either
- tis strange
- dinner with friends and we'll call that a day
- track down an outdoors store (I need a waterbottle)
- Wow! this store is huge
- it even has an indoor pool for kayak testing
- leave keys and a note in Dave's apartment
- off to Bonn...

Nights stayed: 3
Amount earned: € 7
Things that made it all worth it:

That sunset over the Dom was pretty darn cool!

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