Wednesday, June 17, 2009


- heh, train ride with very orange Dutch football fans
- hmm really don't want ot explore the city in the rain with my pack
- hoorah for a warm cafe with a view
- find the house
- turns out it's a squatted house
- apparently if a building goes unused for one year then anyone can move in and claim it to live in
- it is still technically owned by someone else
- but if he breaks in then it is technically breaking and entering
- unless he has an official plan to do something with the building
- it's interesting
- the house is in pretty good condition
- for a squat
- just little things like not having hot water in the kitchen and not every room haveing electricity...
- definitely was abandoned for a while
- Judeth (a photographer) and I have a great discussion about the qualities of space
- She has some really coool books full of abandoned building photography
- Jason (American PHD student working on bikes) is really excited to go to an American beer tasting night
- What! they changed the date to next week,
- bummer
- A morning of visiting the university campus
- it's really kinda surreal to be standing in teh library
- looks just like all those pictures I'd studied
- overall it's a kinda cool building
- definitely has some flaws though in my mind...
- afternoon of exploring the city
- rain scares everyone inside, so not much mandolin money
- grrr and it didn't help that some guy ran by and stole at least 2 euro out of my case
- you know what, I feel like painting
- been hauling around all this stuff I might as well use it
- turns out well
- I even get compliments from a police officer
- great dinner and conversation with Jason and Bonner (artist dealing with light and sound)
- vegetarian curry can be really tasty
- we go to this free concert at this tiny underground venue
- two people had set up a table covered with keyboards, mixers, drum machine, and various distortion pedals
- then they started playing and going crazy mixing live hardcore electronic screamo
- the other band was just as crazy
- next day lots of coffee and good conversation with Bonner
- cool girl with very different ideas about things then I am used to
- we also built a door to help contain people during the big art expo that they are putting on
- it worked the first time
- off to Antwerp...

Nights Stayed: 2
Amount Earned: € 5 (plus whatever that guy stole...)
Things that made it all worth it:

I think I learned so much here! I don't think I can ever look at old or rundown buildings the same again.

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