Sunday, June 7, 2009


- short train ride = cheap :)
- feels like a smaller town, nice atmosphere though
- now... where can I camp
- oh, just over in a close village, ok, sounds good
- hmmm... why didn't the train stop at the right place
- it said that it would
- well just get off at the next station and ask the attendant
- says take the next train back and it will stop, ok
- Really!! skipped again!
- this time I'll ask the driver!
- Success!!
- now just to walk to the campground, a kilometer... or two
- yay! it's cheap
- bread, sausage, Rhein River, castles in the hills, good beer, and the Bible = nice evening
- lovely walk along the Rhein to the next village up
- getting directions to the train station... in German
- hoorah for hand motions
- plane ticket home bought and paid for... I hope so, hard to tell
- I really like the feel of this city
- not to big and not to small
- some good streets to play on!
- I meet a guy from the Denver area
- he said he had a dream he was flying into Cologne... so he did it
- friendly guy but seems a bit odd
- meet up with Julian
- good pizza and great conversation!
- mostly talking about memories, changes, and God's faithfulness
- busy guy these days
- twas good hanging out!
- Bad Godesberg is nice as well.
- First set goes really well... others not so much
- one little girl gives me a roll, aw
- botanical gardens are amazing this time of year, everything is blooming!
- and they have massive lilly pads - sweet
- Paul finds me again (that guy from Denver)
- where is a good spot to cook fish?
- I dunno
- fire down by the river?
- yeah, that would probably work
- hmm you don't know how to cook over a fire...
- just seems like he needs a friend so I go with him
- turns out when he's in the states he lives in a small Christian community almost like the Amish
- we talk all about what does it mean to be a church or denomination ect.
- this is his 8th time traveling as a bum in Europe, huh
- yep, he really doesn't know much about fires
- I get one going and show him how to make good coals and then cook over them
- we share the meal and it tasted really good
- say our farewells and each of us goes back to his tents (his apparently out somewhere in the woods)
- up in the morning and time to say Auf Wiedersehen to Germany
- off to the Netherlands and Utrecht...

Nights stayed: 3
Amount earned: € 35
Things that made it all worth it:

That sweet little old lady who came up to me and told me Amazing Grace is her favorite song

Seeing what God has done in two different lives over the past 3 years

Teaching a semi-amish bum from Denver how to cook fish over an open fire along the banks of the Rhein


shetrick said...

teach a man to fish...

meltem said...

:) you are unique Dan!
Not everyone can do this ;)

I'll keep following your trip

take care!