Friday, June 19, 2009


- Get into town in the late evening
- oh yeah this is the place with all the Diamonds
- wow, there are a lot of Hasidic Jews here
- my host here is JP a Canadian with an internship in town
- nice big apartment with a sweet view
- we get tasty Belgian Fries, cook a chicken, and talk about music theory
- play a bit of my mandolin routine for him and French friends/coworkers
- we go out to a local bar for a couchsurfing get together
- mix of really good Belgian beer and meeting people from all over made for an enjoyable time
- next day let's go visit Gent
- but first lets go to the market and get cheap tasty cherries
- horaah for haggeling
- and tasty Morocan pancakes
- It's like a really thick crape with olives, peppers, cheese, and... honey
- sounds really weird, but tastes so good
- oh boy, didnàt watch our time
- now we have to literally run to catch the train
- baaarely made it
- huh, apparently the Belgian trains tend to have issues
- this one certainly does.
- Very nice town
- Amazing old towers and a castle
- Very Belgian looking
- fun day exploring with JP and Dragana (his friend and coworker from Serbia)
- even got to teach JP some photography things
- back in Antwerp JP takes us to a sweet jazz bar, really chill and cool place!
- next day explore the city on my own
- some really nice squares and streets here
- and lots of people
- I meet a juggler who also plays mandolin
- turns out he lives in the area and runs a living room music store
- lets just say he was an interesting fellow...
- I play outside a chocolate shop
- some guy comes out and starts dancing next to me
- ooookay...
- he tells me he is doing it for free chocolate
- hahahah
- I go in after the show and they give me some as well :)
- realllly tasty!!
- oooh Italian pizza place right next to the cathedral gives 20% discounts to students
- and a regular priced pizza is 4 eruo
- this means tasty meal for really cheap!
- Never end up finding a place in Brugge
- so JP lets me stay another night and take a day trip - Thanks!!
- Brugge is a really pretty town
- that also means lots of tourists
- which means good money for me!
- €16 for a half hour of playing
- I'll take that :)
- hang out that night with another couchsurfer from the states
- good times
- off to Brussels...

Nights Stayed: 4
Amount earned: € 42
Things that Made it:

Playing for Chocolate

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throughwaters said...

Ooh, you have a "mandolin routine"? Excellent! I knew that little guy would live a fuller life with you than with me.

I like how this flow-of-consciousness format helps me feel like I came along with you.