Monday, May 25, 2009


hallo, sorry that it has been such a long time since I wrote anything. I guess it´s really no good excuse but I guess time just got in the way.

Lets see what all has happened since that study tour... well... a lot, but I guess I should try to make it brief otherwise no one would read this :)

We did a group studio project with dis students and a student from Copenhagen University Architecture. Just a 24hr charrette on sustainability. We explored the use of piezoelectric panels in the harbor to collect electricity, twas intriguing.

Lauren and Lisa came and visited - that was a good time . they rented bikes and I had a fun time showing them around the city. Because of a mistake in buying tickets (partially my fault... I admit it) They got tickets to London from Bilund instead of Copenhagen. Bilund is over on the mainland, over 3 hrs away, and doesn´t even have a train station. So I ended up hanging out with them in Kolding as well and they got to see more of Denmark, so it worked out.

We did our last studio project. and it went really well. I designed a temporary performance pavilion out of wood and glass. I designed it down to construction details that would allow the wood not to need nails or screws and could be completely reused. I´ll put up pictures when I get back to the states.

I finished up my studies at DIS... that means I´ve graduated (weird) It was strange, and rather sad to say goodbye to so many people, many of whom I did not get to know as well as I would have liked, and most of which I will never see again...

My parents also came and visited me in CPH. We rented bikes again and I got to tour them around the city. We then flew down south to travel around southern Germany/Austria. Here´s the basic rundown of the tour.

Munich: People my age still wear liederhosen and dirndle skirts when going out on a Sat night ?!?

Salzberg: Awesome castle/fort on the hill, lots of churches in a small area, don´t leave your hat behind at a concert it can be tricky to get back.

Mittenwald: Cool mountains Listed as mt. biker´s paradise don´t have my bike... Looks like Leavenworth but actually makes sense.

Schwangau: fairytale castles cause ruler didn´t like reality, so he blew all his money on building fairytale land.

Lech: Really Really Really awesome mountains. The alps are AMAZING!

Lahr: Drove through Liechtenstein and Switzerland both have sweet mountains (though not like Lech) Nice to stay at Bettina´s and visit w/ her.

Rothenburg: 12th century medieval village, thought it would be crappy touristville but it turned out quite nice.

Stuttgart: Parents drop me off and leave me at a gas station...

Have to wait for another post on that one..

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shetrick said...

congratulations are in order regarding your graduation, Dan! just don't let it go to your head. and i mean that in the best way possible... =D take care, and may God bring you back to the U.S. (and may it seem swiftly to us yet timely for you).