Wednesday, May 27, 2009


- Parents dropped me off
- Where is the campground?
- wander...
- wander...
- find it across from huge parking lot = bad location
- loooong walk into town (4k) but through a nice park
- lots of people, quite friendly
- why so many bachelor/baccalaureate parties in the street?
- fall asleep to the sounds of the freeway...
- ahhhh fresh bread and Nutella!
- realllly hot out 34c???
- play across from cafe = free ice water ahhh
- thanks friendly waiter!
- people keep thinking I´m Polish cause of my t-shirts :)
- happy that my backpacking stove boils pasta
- playing at flea market = lots of people willing to spend money on weird things = more money for me :)
- camera battery dies, dang it!
- phone battery dies... what time is it?
- finally find grocery store = heavy bag
- hazelnuts + raisins + cucumber + sausage + orange juice = tasty meal
- cool looking Mercedes Benz museum, to bad it´s closed
- taking down tent in rain = no fun
- why is this pack so heavy... oh yeah someone decided to bring along his sketchbooks...
- hoorah for sheltered areas with projecting acoustics !!!
- off to Mannheim...

Nights stayed: 3
Amount earned: € 60
Things that made it all worth it:

That sharp dressed business man striding past with his cell phone slows down and smiling a huge grin mouths along with the song "don´t worry, be happy" after going a ways has to turn around and brings me back a euro.

That pretty girl who walks by and starts swinging to the music, goes into a shop, comes back later (still swaying) an with a shy grin slides in a few coins.


shetrick said...

heh heh...notice those two "things that made it worth it" also happen to involve money...

jk. but it's those things that highlight the difference between worthless and priceless.

good to hear from ya!

Em said...

This made me happy :)