Sunday, May 31, 2009


- step off the train and immediately it feels like a bigger city
- so many people moving quickly to where they want to go
- this will be my first day of couchsurfing
- to bad my phone is dead... where is a call shop?
- lotsss of tall towers
- the Commerzbank tower looks as cool as I hoped!
- hard to find a spot to play, to much noise and no one is really milling about.
- lots of walking
- find my couchsurfing host house
- really cool street people, shops, trees,
- so much happening here
- mmm tasty dinner
- hanging out in the apartment, good times
- mmm Hessen apple cider and good conversation
- well rested and ready for exploring
- glad to have a charged camera :)
- take a break at Goethe-Platz
- meet 2 people working a video
- oh, sweet!! theyér working with a church plant in the area
- and are associated with Redeemer Pres in New York = very cool!!
- find the house Goethe grew up in!
- a walk on the Main river gives some sweet veiws of the skyline
- hrmm architecturally funky shopping center, not sure if I like it
- lots of other cool buildings though!
- find a park with baby swans!
- I still like that Commerzbank tower
- another tasty dinner!
- Eating outside in the back garden = very nice
- hanging out with neighbor who works at an arch and design firm
- take the train out of town and hang out at a birthday dinner?
- sure sounds like fun
- Yaay! Meltem helps me find a car ride out of town so I don´t have to pay for the train
- Off to Köln...

Nights stayed: 2
Amount earned: € 9? (I didn´t play much)
Things that made it all worth it:

Teaching a British Indian how to play a mandolin while hanging out in German Apartment.


- Sweet ICE train to get here
- 280 km/hr nice :)
- hrmm no subway in this town only city trams... smaller town?
- camping doesn´t look tooo far
- walk or tram, walk or tram... how bout the tram
- ah, longer ride then I thought it would be...
- end of line guess I have to walk the rest of the way
- glad I´ve gotten used to this pack!
- Man! its a long way out here! I´m out in the woods now...
- humm, camping in a trailer park, at least it´s next to the Rhein
- only traffic I can here is ocasional boats. YESSS!
- Friendly Swiss motercyclist for tent neighbor
- baaaack into town
- Don´t see many other street muscicians, lots of beggers though
- hard to find a spot to play. Either loud city trams or not enough people...
- quite the trek back "home"
- glad I didn´t try to walk...
- sure happy that it only decided to pour rain at night
- good thing I bought those extra tent stakes for the rain fly
- where to play...
- ask inside bakery if I can play out front, They seem to like it
- some cool buildings in this town
- yay for finding cheep chocolate!
- those trams make it hard to play
- heh, no one seems to know what a mandolin is
- ooooh I broke an E string
- yay! thanks for putting in an extra set of strings Brian!!
- Cooking in the dark...
- Found some sweet snails probably 1.25" diameter shells
- hmm finding internet cafe´s can be a pain... and to expensive
- off to Frankfurt...

Nights stayed: 2
Amount earned: € 25
Things that made it all worth it:

That teenager coming up and dancing next to me for 2 whole songs while his friends record the whole thing

Sitting along the Rhein, watching the sun set, and eating/drinking my pasta/soup

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


- Parents dropped me off
- Where is the campground?
- wander...
- wander...
- find it across from huge parking lot = bad location
- loooong walk into town (4k) but through a nice park
- lots of people, quite friendly
- why so many bachelor/baccalaureate parties in the street?
- fall asleep to the sounds of the freeway...
- ahhhh fresh bread and Nutella!
- realllly hot out 34c???
- play across from cafe = free ice water ahhh
- thanks friendly waiter!
- people keep thinking I´m Polish cause of my t-shirts :)
- happy that my backpacking stove boils pasta
- playing at flea market = lots of people willing to spend money on weird things = more money for me :)
- camera battery dies, dang it!
- phone battery dies... what time is it?
- finally find grocery store = heavy bag
- hazelnuts + raisins + cucumber + sausage + orange juice = tasty meal
- cool looking Mercedes Benz museum, to bad it´s closed
- taking down tent in rain = no fun
- why is this pack so heavy... oh yeah someone decided to bring along his sketchbooks...
- hoorah for sheltered areas with projecting acoustics !!!
- off to Mannheim...

Nights stayed: 3
Amount earned: € 60
Things that made it all worth it:

That sharp dressed business man striding past with his cell phone slows down and smiling a huge grin mouths along with the song "don´t worry, be happy" after going a ways has to turn around and brings me back a euro.

That pretty girl who walks by and starts swinging to the music, goes into a shop, comes back later (still swaying) an with a shy grin slides in a few coins.

Monday, May 25, 2009


hallo, sorry that it has been such a long time since I wrote anything. I guess it´s really no good excuse but I guess time just got in the way.

Lets see what all has happened since that study tour... well... a lot, but I guess I should try to make it brief otherwise no one would read this :)

We did a group studio project with dis students and a student from Copenhagen University Architecture. Just a 24hr charrette on sustainability. We explored the use of piezoelectric panels in the harbor to collect electricity, twas intriguing.

Lauren and Lisa came and visited - that was a good time . they rented bikes and I had a fun time showing them around the city. Because of a mistake in buying tickets (partially my fault... I admit it) They got tickets to London from Bilund instead of Copenhagen. Bilund is over on the mainland, over 3 hrs away, and doesn´t even have a train station. So I ended up hanging out with them in Kolding as well and they got to see more of Denmark, so it worked out.

We did our last studio project. and it went really well. I designed a temporary performance pavilion out of wood and glass. I designed it down to construction details that would allow the wood not to need nails or screws and could be completely reused. I´ll put up pictures when I get back to the states.

I finished up my studies at DIS... that means I´ve graduated (weird) It was strange, and rather sad to say goodbye to so many people, many of whom I did not get to know as well as I would have liked, and most of which I will never see again...

My parents also came and visited me in CPH. We rented bikes again and I got to tour them around the city. We then flew down south to travel around southern Germany/Austria. Here´s the basic rundown of the tour.

Munich: People my age still wear liederhosen and dirndle skirts when going out on a Sat night ?!?

Salzberg: Awesome castle/fort on the hill, lots of churches in a small area, don´t leave your hat behind at a concert it can be tricky to get back.

Mittenwald: Cool mountains Listed as mt. biker´s paradise don´t have my bike... Looks like Leavenworth but actually makes sense.

Schwangau: fairytale castles cause ruler didn´t like reality, so he blew all his money on building fairytale land.

Lech: Really Really Really awesome mountains. The alps are AMAZING!

Lahr: Drove through Liechtenstein and Switzerland both have sweet mountains (though not like Lech) Nice to stay at Bettina´s and visit w/ her.

Rothenburg: 12th century medieval village, thought it would be crappy touristville but it turned out quite nice.

Stuttgart: Parents drop me off and leave me at a gas station...

Have to wait for another post on that one..