Friday, March 20, 2009

Update before the break

These last few weeks I’ve pretty much just been in crunch mode trying to get done with my studio project. I think it turned out pretty well. I’ll try to get some photos and a description up in a later post. Right now I’m pretty much just happy that I’m done with classes for the next three weeks. Woot woot!

These next three weeks should be pretty cool. We’re going to be taking a week long study tour through Sweden and Finland checking out all sorts of cool architecture (I’m suspecting a lot of Alto) Then the plan is to go down to Barcelona and hang out for five days. Then Lauren and I are going to go and stay with my host Dad’s Sister in Paris for 5 days and then the last 5 days of break will be back in Spain on a beach near Bilbao. We were originally thinking about going to Florence and Rome but that ended up looking too expensive for our budgets.

It’s starting to look more like spring here. The sun has been out longer and it is noticeably warmer out. It has been amazing to see the dramatic change that has happened the last couple months from the sun going down at 3 to now when it doesn’t go down till after 6. They are telling me that a lot changes during this time when I am gone. That it will almost be like an entirely different city cause we will come back and the sun will be up all the time and it’ll be warm. Should be lovely.

God did something cool last week concerning plans for this summer. As many of you know I’ve been planning to return to Poland and help teach English and do ministry work with some churches there. It does indeed look like that is going to happen I’ll be one week in Cieszyn and one in Dzierzoniow. (by the way anyone else reading this want to come we need more English teachers) Anyway I’ve recently been going to a International Baptist church here and they have a Wednesday night get together for college age students. When I went last week there were several girls there who said they were from Poland visiting one of their friends in town. I Asked where they were from and it turns out they are from Wrocław which is just up the road from Dzierzoniow. We got to talking about why I was there and found out that we know many of the same people. Then she asked if I had any idea of someone who might be able to come and help teach at a Junior High camp in Wrocław for the week right before I was already planning to be in Poland. They had been praying for someone for a long time and had no idea of who might come. Anyway I volunteered to go and am quite excited about it God is Good!! Please pray for the Camps and for all of us that will be helping to lead. We need guidance, wisdom and a total reliance on our great God in order to make this work.

I’ve got some new photos up on my site that some of you may have already discovered.

a few photos from the ski trip I went on with my host family. Mostly us hanging out in the cabin, I didn’t’ really feel like mixing the camera with wet snow/possibility of falling.

Photos from a trip to Roskilde Denmark. The cathedral had some really amazing woodwork and there was a cool Viking ship museum with actual ancient ships.

Some photos of buildings in Berlin

Some photos of people hanging out various places, Copenhagen, Berlin, ect

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