Saturday, March 7, 2009

The time just flies by

Sooo I’ve obviously been not so good at keeping this here blog updated… sorry bout that. I kinda let myself get behind and it’s piled up. I’ve tried to push thru the pile a bit and decided to give at least a quick overview as to what I’ve been up to.

I really wanted to put up some nice long posts about so much of this… oh well time is not enough.

The rest of that study tour went great! I saw a sweet museum, performers house, the town of Århus, a crematorium, etc. I have a partially finished post on the last part of that trip. I might post it if people are interested. I’ve got photos up from that trip here( and here ( and on facebook.

I think that since my last real post I’ve been able to see the Ballet “Romeo and Juliet” the opera “The Marriage of Figaro” (the full opera not just the rehearsal that I saw earlier) and some sweet jazz as a part of the Copenhagen Winter Jazz festival. These were all really cool!! I’ve also had some good times Jamming with my host brother… yup!

I recently switched over to riding a bicycle all over town. I had a bus/train/metro pass for the first month that I was here, but in order to save some money I let it expire. My host family has an extra bike that I’ve been using. It’s a pretty sweet 30 year old red and white womans bike mmmmmhmm. It works great for getting around town. It takes only about 20min for me to ride from home to DIS which is the exact same amount of time that it used to take walking to and using the train.

That is, it takes me 20min…. now. I definitely got lost the first few times I rode. It has really helped me to get to know the city soo much better.

I took a 2 day ski trip to Sweden with my host dad, one of his sons, and my host brother. It was a lot of fun. Reeeeeally tiny ski hill it only had something like 5 runs and all of them were groomed. It was still a lot of fun though just cruzing down the hill all day. I thought of it kinda like sledding, not very challenging but still quite enjoyable :)

Last weekend I went to Berlin. It really pretty close and rather cheep if you take the bus from here aaand Lauren came up to Berlin that weekend from Barcelona, Yay!! Hack and a friend from DIS came down with me, and 4 other BCN people came with Lauren, but they were all doing other things other places in the city so I didn’t see much of them. Some of us were in the same hostel so we hung out some but I never even saw 3 of the other Barcelona people. I felt like I just relaxed and took the trip easy this time. I’ve been in Berlin before and I plan on going back. So I ended up seeing a few things well and just enjoyed seeing what others wanted to see and hanging out. It was a good trip! I might try to write up a more detailed post on the trip later… we’ll see

I’ve been working on my second studio project of the three we will be doing this semester. It’s a furniture showroom that is to be on the main walking street here in CPH. It’s kinda fun, we’re doing a lot of façade studies and I’ve been thinking a lot about how it fits into the flow of the street.

We took a cool field trip with my European Urban Theory class the other day. Looked at some really cool harbor front developments and housing projects in Copenhagen and over in Malmo, Sweden. I still think that’s probably one of my favorite classes.

I’m still working on catching up with my photos I’ve got about 1600 photos from about 6 different things that I’m still working through. Don’t worry I’m not going to try to post them all. :) I’ve sorted through about half of them and hope to have the best ones up soon.

That’s all for now

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