Monday, February 16, 2009

Study Tour

Hey, so this has been a bit in coming sorry bout that. I guess it’s been about a week now. I’ve had all sorts of stuff going on studio, opera, planning trips, homework, photos, work, ect. I’ll try to write more about all that stuff sometime later… I should probably be working on all my studio stuff right now heh, oh well.

Well the trip started out with me nearly oversleeping and thinking I was going to miss my bus, I had been out late the night after going to the ballet (Romeo and Juliet It was very good) I made it to where I thought we were leaving from but when I got there all sorts of other DIS tour busses were there but not mine. They had changed locations on me but fortunately they also had moved the departure time back half an hour.

The first place that we visited was this muscular dystrophy center It is a place where families with a member that has muscular dystrophy can go together and stay, mostly for vacations I gather. I thought the buildings were quite cool, especially the way the individual buildings related to each other and the space between. They say that it has really incredible views out into the ocean but it was quite foggy on the day we visited

We then visited a traditional Danish church It was pretty cool, but I was only able to get a few shots of but then my camera decided to run out of batteries. My camera really has very long battery life but it doesn’t last 3 weeks and 1100 + shots…

We also checked out a really cool art museum that had a nice exhibition of furniture, Denmark/Scandinavia is really famous for its quality of furniture, very modern looking yet all very comfortable. Being up this far north the indoor is very important cause no one wants to spend much time outdoors in the dark and cold. Hyggelig they call it (the indoor coziness that is)

The last place that we visited on the first day was probably my favorite place on the whole trip. I was quite sad that my camera was all out of batteries :( It was this old castle that had long been in ruins that recently was built up into a usable structure. It wasn’t quite a renovation because they didn’t rebuild what had been had been there before. The building had been torn down so many times and had so many additions put onto it was difficult to choose which time to go back to. So Instead they built an entirely new roof and walls in a way that shows it is separate from the old celebrating both the history and the current use it as a museum.

That night we stayed in Kolding it’s a relatively small town and I found out later that it is actually where my host Dad is from. We stayed in an incredibly nice hostel there (nicer than many hotels that I’ve been in) Oh, and a bunch of us found a sweet pub to hang out in, they had hundreds of different types of beer… quite good!

Well, I seem to be kinda falling behind on my blog posts here... I’ve got so much I could write about but unfortunately time is limited. This post has gotten long enough already. I’ll try to write about the other half of the trip and what has been going on more recently soon.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a quick one

So I just got back last night from my Western Denmark study tour. It went great but as is typical with these trips I came home rather tired, had homework to catch up on, and hundreds of pictures.

I'm working on those photos and should hope to have a post up soon about the trip. If only I didn't have that homework...

Oh, and also my mom let me know that my post about the new photo albums had links that didn't work. I've since updated that post so they all should work now. Let me know if they don't.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A bit about the weekend

Here I am sitting in the library “working” and I thought I would take this chance to update the ol’ blog while I had the chance.

Let’s see what have I been up to…

Friday was the day that we were to present our first project for architecture. I mentioned before that it was a group project and we were working on analyzing the urban core of Helsinki. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to turn out, but I think it went very well.

The presentation format was a little bit different then I was used to. They had all of us groups set up all around a room (kind of like a science fair) Then they had made up a schedule of professors rotating from group to group and for each group to also watch other presentation.

All of these projects are going to be ones that we will be visiting on our tour in March. So one of the main purposes of this project was to have us all learn about different sites and buildings so we will better know what we are looking at while there. It was kinda cool to walk around the room and see all the different studies that people had built.

Oh and when I was walking around taking pictures one of the AD staff asked me if I want to take pictures for the school here to use, cause apparently they are always looking for good photos of students actually doing academics for use in advertising and such. :)

Then On Saturday I slept in and decided to sit in and watch one of my host Dad’s rehearsals. It was really very cool! He works for the Royal Danish orchestra which performs in both the New Opera House and the Royal Danish Theatre. This was in the theatre which was built in 1748 and is really a beautiful hall!

They were working on the opera “The Marriage of Figaro” and I must say that even though this was just a rehearsal it sounded really amazing! Personally with my lack of experience with really high class opera I don’t think I could have really told the difference between this and what might be their finest performance. They do it all the old fashioned way with no electronic amplification. I am amazed at the way they could clearly project while acting very well, and singing very difficult parts. Really cool!

I then spent the afternoon wandering around taking photos of the city!

On Sunday after visiting a church (I will have to post again sometime about churches and such) I went to a concert at a castle that my host Dad organizes concerts for. He asked me to come and take some photos for him because he doesn’t really have any good images to use for advertising the shows. I of course obliged :)

Then after the show I was waiting to leave with my host Dad and was talking a bit with the girls who had just played the concert. They were amazing musicians by the way! Four young ladies who are right around 20 playing what I think is probably the best string quartet music that I have ever heard. Really cool

Anyway they are trying to become a full time chamber music group and are going to really high class competitions and stuff like that. “The Nightingale String Quartet” They are also working on a website and are trying to advertise themselves. So they wanted to see some of the pictures that I had taken…

They ended up asking me to take some more photographs of them. So they went back out into the concert hall and played again while I took all sorts of pictures of them. I quite enjoyed doing it and I’m pretty excited about how some of them turned out!

I’m gunna go back thru and put some photos in this post so you all can see some of what I’ve been writing about… probably this evening.

Till then…

Monday, February 2, 2009


Just a quick post about five newish albums up on my photos website. Some of them you may have already seen interspersed in past posts but if you are so inclined to see more feel free to check them out.

Photography of the Nightingale String Quartet

More Copenhagen Photos

Copenhagen at Night

Some photos from my first Architecture project, a case study of Helsinki’s urban core.

A collection of random photos from before I left the states.