Monday, January 5, 2009

Photos Website

Hey, so I think quite a few people already knew about this but... since I'm not sure who all that is I thought I would make an announcement about it for those that didn't yet know.

I recently finished putting together a photography website. I did it because I was tired of how long it took to post pictures up here and it seems to be an effective way to show a whole bunch of photos. Also I think that it will be an easier format to keep updated while traveling abroad. I will still be posting some pictures up on this site but it will be a smaller selection from now on. Just a few of my favorites or ones that I think people might like to see in a higher resolution.

The url is and there is also a link on the sidebar that should work. For folks that like to subscribe to things I also put together an rss feed of the photos.

Let me know what you people all think. I'm at pretty excited about it myself :)

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