Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year has come

Some reflections on the year gone past in no particular order…

Made fantastic new friends
Hung out a lot at the Rock…
Learned how to dance
Thank you all who patiently put up with me trying to learn :)
Said farewell to friends
Played first full concert in a full band!
Rocked out the coffee house scene with Ian
Thanks Ian for letting me play with you. Had loads of fun doing it!
Played music on TV… yeah
Got my worst GPA ever…
Tried to go 4 weeks in a row with an average of 16hrs of sleep for the whole week
Put myself in what was technically a coma
Decided to force myself to sleep from now on
Got an actual internship
Leaned Revit
Turned 21 woot woot
Learned to love time at Ricos
I think I’ve had some of the best meaningful conversation there
Ahh, girls, well…
I acted like an idiot
Learned more about what not to do
Spent to much time with some
Spent not enough with others
Definitely still learning…
Thanks for patience and such :)
I’m very thankful for the women in my life
Godly friends that are a joy to be around
Discovered online seminary classes!
Learned how to better teach scripture
Learned how to pray better
Was struck by the power of prayer even in what seem like the little and mundane
Thanks to those who have been in my life that spur me on to pursue God
Wished that I would have been able to read more books
Learned more about computer hard drives and the like then I wanted to
Learned to trust God in everything more
From computers, to finances, to projects, to girls, to teaching
God is Good!!
Learned how to better mountain bike
Enhanced my desire for mountain biking
Watched a bunch of Stargate
Moved out of Pullman
Visited New York, Seattle, Milwakee, Vancover, Portland, ect.
Got really into photography
Bought various items of camera gear
Took about 5500 pictures in 3 months…
Visited New York, Seattle, Milwakee, Vancover, Portland, ect.

God is Good, he is faithful and will continue to provide what he determines I need. I thank God for the blessings of a year gone by and the assurance of future with him.

Here is a very small sampling of pictures that I have taken since my last post. I have many more but I think these are some of my favorites may be good in the higher resolution. Sorry there are so many… after thanksgiving break I really had to buckle down and actually work on my Architecture project so I forced myself to not play with pictures, but here they are now :)

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