Friday, January 23, 2009

Host Family and the like

Well, my host family is pretty much terrible…

Heh, no, not at all. I just had to start it off that way because I suspect that my family will be reading this as well ;)

Actually I think that I have a really great living situation here. I know that I told many people before I left about how I was looking forward to this family and it has been really good so far!

I am living with a husband and wife (Tore and Lisbeth) Lisbeth has two sons one is living at home (Thomas who is 15) and one is living somewhere nearby, though I haven’t met him yet. Tore also has two sons but they both are out of the house. One of them is studying architecture and one is hoping to study music.

Most of the family is very musical which means I am a great fit! Tore is a fulltime professional clarinet player with the Royal Danish Orchestra which seems to play quite frequently for operas, plays, and ballets. Lisbeth sings in a choir and is always singing around the house. Thomas plays music various places and has a guitar, bass, saxophone, and even some recording equipment in the room that is right next to mine

We are living in a townhouse that was once several workers apartments and is now all one home. There is a basement with the shower, storage and laundry. The main entry floor is all kitchen and dining. The second floor has a tv room and my host parents room, the third has my room, Thomas’ music room and a sweet room that Tore built for practicing.

He took the existing room and furred out the walls about 10” and added insulation between the two walls he also floated a second floor above the first, hung a false ceiling, and incased the window with another window essentially making a room within a room. I think it is pretty sweet myself.

Above the third floor is a small attic and this is where Thomas sleeps

Oh and the toilet rooms that are on the 2nd and third floors are really tiny you can see the entire floor space in the picture below

Living in the family has been great. I gather that typically Tore gets up first and set out breakfast things, sits down, reads his paper and watches everyone filter down and head out to our various activities and he typically goes to rehearsals in the afternoon or performances in the evening

In the evenings we all have a family meal together. Apparently the family is a really big part of Danish culture and is highly valued. Every day we get together eat, talk, and then afterwards we typically have a cup of coffee or tea and continue to talk for a bit until everyone goes their separate ways to do homework, practice, etc.

Yesterday we were joined by one of Tore’s son’s Asger, he is the one who is hoping to study music. He and his girlfriend visited for dinner to meet me, talk about trying out for music school (he finds out today I think if he got in) and to show us pictures from a 7 month trip that they went on through Southeast Asia. It looked like it was a fantastic trip!

It’s quite nice and I like it. I am fortunate to live in a family that is close to town. It takes me less then 20min to take the train and walk while for others it take more like 40-60. The trains here are nice and very similar to other train systems. I typically don’t have to wait more than 3min for a train to arrive that uses my stop.

Alright, I should go home for dinner.

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