Thursday, January 22, 2009

A first post from København

Hey, sooo… I’m sorry that I haven’t written anything yet. I’ve been rather busy learning about the program and trying to find my way around the city. I wanted to put pictures up to go with this post and I finally got a chance to go through the photos that I have taken. Also I don’t have very consistent internet where I live. For some reason I can connect just fine to the network but the internet doesn’t want to work hardly at all. And when it does work it’s only for brief periods of time and really slooowww. I think that it just doesn’t like my American computer. Therefore If I want to use the internet I have to go down to the DIS buildings (who’s internet I have just recently figured out)

So today you all get one really long and inclusive post :)

So, what all has happened. Well getting here was rather un eventful, planes were planes, it sure is a long flight from Seattle to Copenhagen I tried to pace my sleeping so that I would have less jet lag it somewhat worked. I slept for the first part of the 10hr flight and then was awake for the last 3hr’s or so. Unfortunately this was also the time that they had turned off all the in flight movies so that people could sleep… oh the irony.

I like European customs, soo much easier. All they do is look at your passport for 10 seconds and give it a stamp. I don’t think the guy even said a word to me. There were many of us DIS students that were either on the Seattle flight or on others that landed at the same time so the DIS people had organized a bus tom take us to a part of Copenhagen University where we got orientation information such as class schedules, money for transportation, etc. (this was where I had internet and announced that I had arrived) I my host family picked me up here and we went back to their house. I’ll write up a separate post about the host family and my home here.

The first three days here have all been orientation stuff.

On Monday we went to what is called the Glyptoeck. It’s a museum that has a one of the largest collections of Greek and Roman sculpture north of Italy (or something like that) I’ll have to go back later and take more pictures. I spent most of the time there listening to speeches and a Wind Quartet playing music. There are about 600 students studying at DIS this semester so they had to split us into two groups for this orientation.

Almost everyone else here is from private schools on the East Coast. I’ve met two people from U of O and other then that I think everyone else is an East Coaster.

In the afternoon I we had a living in Europe and travel orientation. I.E. more speeches and teaching us about the city and Danish Culture. Things like how Danes don’t have a word for “excuse me” so if you want to get by somebody you just have to push your way through, and about the Danish humor that is slightly sarcastic and used even with people that they just have met.

Tuesday we had a survival Danish Class. I have not found Danish incredibly easy to learn their words are rather long with lots of letters and many of them are silent or hardly pronounced. They’ve got these new vowels as well ø å and ӕ also the letter d is more of a th/L sound so the phrase “hved med deg?” (how about you?) sounds more like “vel mel die” :) It’s gunna take me a bit to figure out how to say things though, I think I can say the street where I live (Weysesgade) and my train stop (Svanemøllen)

Then In the afternoon we had a sort of scavenger hunt. They spilt us up into groups of 6 and gave us a list of places to find around the city so we spent about 2-3 hours wandering around looking at the city and learning about it from people who were waiting for us at the places we were trying to find

We also went to an activities fair. They had set up a whole bunch of booths for us with all sorts of info about different groups that we could join. I think that I might join the international choir.

Alright so, I’m on what, Wednesday? Don’t worry I’m almost finished up with this lengthy post ;) We had another Danish class. I’m still trying to decide if I should sign up for the Danish class for the rest of the semester. It would be really cool to learn some of the language and it would be good for me, but I’m not sure how the workload is going to be in my studio class… we’ll see.

We also had our Architecture orientation It sounds like it will be a good program I’m looking forward to see what happens in studio this afternoon

In the evenings I’ve been going home and hanging out with my host family and the like. As I mentioned earlier I’ll write another post about them later. For now I’ve got to take off.

It’s been great here so far we’ll see how it continues!

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Karol said...

I'm wishing for captions for at least some of your photos.

Kyle Ryan said...

These photos are really great! My favorite is the one with the sailboat.