Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Classes and Such

I’m pretty excited about all of my classes for this semester. I think that they shouldn’t be too difficult and yet I think that they are all going to be really interesting and I am going to learn so much in them!

I started up classes last Thursday with my European urban design class. I think this one might end up being my favorite of all. We will be reading various urban theorists and then discussing them in class just like a typical theory type class but then… each class will also be accompanied with a field trip to somewhere in the city or in the area where we will then get to see and experience what we were talking about in class. This means that I really will be able to take full advantage of living here in this city that has such a mix of the new and the old both in terms of city planning and in architecture!

On Friday and Tuesdays I have my main studio class. It looks like it will be relatively similar to other studio classes as far as the expectations and general class stuff. I that I’ll like my professor from the little bit of time that I have spent with him. He seems pretty knowledgeable and I think that he’ll be easy to talk to about things. he seems to say what he thinks and what he wants but in tactful manner. This should be both good and nice for a studio prof (you fellow arch majors know how it goes if you are missing one of those aspects…)

Right now we’re working on a one week group project analyzing and building a model of an existing building or urban space. I’m working with a girl who’s a full year student a guy from Kansas State and a girl from…. Umm I seem to have forgotten… I guess I’ll have to ask again and update this later. Anyway, We’re working on the city center of Helsinki Finland. I’d describe the whole thing but I’m guessing it would bore most of you who are reading this. Perhaps I’ll write more about it later…

Fortunately for us it’s a relatively easy project. This means it won’t look nearly as cool as the Stockholm group’s project or Andy’s group who’s working on this huge auditorium thing. But, it also means that we don’t have to stay up all night working on it. Instead I stay up way to late doing things like writing this…

I’m also taking a watercolor painting class. This one should be pretty cool as well. I had to spend waaay to much money buying materials for the class (I mean $50 for a brush!!) but I think that it will pay off that she made us buy the good tools cause I can already tell from my first class how much better they work then trying to use the cheep stuff. This is another class where I get to take trips out into the city and surrounding area. Hoorah!

What else am I up to… oh yeah I just found out that I’ll be working in the library for $8 an hour which should be nice. Hurrah for workstudy! It will be nice to have the money especially since we don’t have to pay any taxes on it and I get to do my homework while I work :)

Well I think that’s most of my weekly activities. I’m also thinking about joining a non-DIS international choir which could be fun and a good chance to meet more Danes and such. That doesn’t start till next week though.

I should really go to bed… g’night all

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