Monday, October 20, 2008

Signs of Fall

So this weekend Neil and I decide to wake ourselves up early in an attempt to catch the rising sun. Unfortunately though, the sun failed to rise. Well, it did rise but I don't think I ever saw it throughout the duration of the day. The brightest part of the sky when the sun was supposed to be coming up was in the southwest... needless to say we were rather confused.

So we failed in our attempt to get really cool sunrise pictures, and the gym was closed so Neil couldn't go work out with Jonathan. Instead we all ended up going on a 5 hour photoing expedition on dirt roads with fields old combines and the like. It was great!

We would stop the car, crank up the tunes and see what we could find to photograph.

Oh and we also stopped by places such as Dismores and The Co-op.

It had rained the night before which made for excellent water droplets.

Yes the moss really was that green

If you like any of these you should check out the sweet ones that Neil took as well up on his blog, sylvancreature


thebeloved said...

Great pictures. I miss the Palouse.

Neil said...

Snook - I'm so jealous your water drops and rose hips turned out so much better than mine - argh! Love the rust shots man - I'm going to have to cook you dinner and have you teach me photoshop sometime