Monday, September 15, 2008

Romans, a rich start

So, this year I have taken over leading the prayer group that meets in my apartment early Wednesday mornings. It has been a phenomenal time over the last few years, and I am blessed that we are continuing it. I am so constantly encouraged by the rich fellowship and the spiritual growth that comes through praying together.

This year we have changed from our past format of picking a verse from no particular location in the Bible and looking at it together, to working through the book of Romans. I loved the previous method of looking all over scripture, but this is looking to be excellent as well. Our hope is to let people have the option to look ahead and chew through the passage on their own before digging in as a group. Also in doing this we will likely go through many verses that I would not have otherwise chosen. The plan is to take as long as we need to in order to get through the book, I would be incredibly surprised if we make it very far, being that we only made it through the first 5 verses last week. This way we can dig as deep as we can :)

I have also thoroughly enjoyed preparing for leading the discussion as a group. The text is so deep and I love to catch glimpses of what God rich gift of His word that He has given to us. The more that I study the more that I realize I don't know... which makes me just want to learn more.

Sooo My plan in writing up this post was to put my notes up to share with the world (as if people actualy read this haha) but... apparently I don't know how to upload the file, and the format is really weird if I just copy it in. whatever somebody will tell me how to do it hopefully and I then edit the post to contain the notes.

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